New Adventures

This year I’m going to join the Pagan Blog Project (PBP), though this will be the third year that this will be taking place. Since they sum it up so nicely in their post leading into this year, I’ll let them do the explaining:

Every week for a year on Friday we blog about a Pagan, occult, metaphysical, or magically related topic on our blogs.  There are only two rules:

1. Your blog post for the week must follow the letter prompt for that week.  We go through the alphabet and spend two weeks with each letter.  So for example for the first two weeks of the year we blog about topics that start with the letter A…like athame, amethyst, attraction, etc.  You don’t have to post twice for each letter, but you are asked to post at least one post for each letter prompt.

2. Your post, if it is a PBP post, must be spiritual, Pagan, or magical in nature.

Since I’m joining the party a tad late, my “A” post isn’t ready just yet. I do intend to do one post per letter, though I will strive for the two recommended.

I heard about this project last year when a friend of mine started taking part in it. I’m deciding to join in this year because I’d really like to explore this side of myself. The side that society tends to repress. I think this project is a perfect opportunity to see a new side of myself.

I will denote all of these posts with a banner linking back to the PBP page, so as to not create confusion with my other, non-PBP, posts – even though this whole blog is for Pagan related content.

ImageCan’t wait to get started!

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