D is for Deity


About this time last year I was in deep contemplation on which deity(ies) I would be dedicating my public Priestesshood to. Now that we’re nearing in on Ordination for the next round of Initiate’s, it shouldn’t actually surprise me that I’ve got a few more knocking on my door. (Or in the case of some – moving right on in.)

Last year I dedicated to Isis, Hekate and Artemis. In the Wildflower Tradition we have to choose a Mother Goddess, and I named Isis as mine. Isis has been with me since I was a little kid, She is the first Goddess I ever had a name for. She was there the night that I found CAYA, and She’s been beside me ever since. In the time that I’ve spent working more closely with Artemis and Hekate I’ve found that, they too, have been around for much of my life – it’s just been in more subtle ways. Hekate tends to keep to the shadows, I know She’s there – and She makes it clear when I need to work on something in particular. Artemis has been an empowerer. As She is a huntress, She knows how to stay unseen – but like all deities, She knows how to make a point (and with that bow of Hers…it’s definitely clear when).

In my personal work, I also work with Lakshmi and Ganesha. Lakshmi sits in my living room, it’s Her spot, and She claimed it when I was approved to move in. She’s a home Goddess and I called on Her when I was looking for one. I’ve worked with Her with a few other things, but our relationship is definitely a more passive one. I know I can go to Her when I need something, but She rarely comes to me when I need to work on something. Likewise, Ganesha is just kind of around. I don’t work with Him too much, though I suspect that will change in the coming year as I’m going to be carving out new roads and the like. As a road-opener deity, I have to be in the right head-space to call on Him – He’s not one to be taken lightly.

Prior to my ordination, the Morrighan tapped on my shoulder. She had shown up a few times in ritual space, but I wasn’t quite ready to let Her in. She showed up with a list of requirements, and every last one of them scared the living hell out of me. I knew my work with Her would come, but I also knew that I needed to be in a better place with myself before I could dive into the darker recesses where She dwells. Since then, She has shown up again. It’s bee a few months now, but I’ve began exploring what our relationship is and needs to be. There are certain things that I need to do before I can call Her mine (like you can ever call a deity yours), but this year… it will happen.

In addition, Aphrodite has shown up on my doorstep. Aphrodite has always struck me as a more frilly Goddess, so I’ve always tended to just stay away. But there She is, chillin’ on the couch like She owns the place. Mind you – she showed up about a week ago. I’ve done the mental check-in with the other gods in my life, and no one seems to have a problem with it – which when you’re working with multiple deities is an important factor to consider. So it looks like I’ll be doing some homework over the weekend, and She and I will find the right groove in time.

Over the weekend at PantheaCon I was introduced to Pomba Gira. I heard about Pomba last year at PCon, but I thought it was a group, or maybe a band, or something of the like. This year I learned that She is a deity, one of love and sex – and apparently so much more. My research is showing more that “Pomba Gira” represents a band of deities, and is a singular representation of many. This site, thus far, seems to summarize my personal thoughts on Her quite well. Maybe I’ll take some time with Her in the coming months and see what happens there, since she is right up my alley.

Deity comes, and deity goes. Some stick around longer than others, but they never really leave our hearts once they’ve left their mark.

2 thoughts on “D is for Deity

  1. Pearl Wilde says:

    Great post, and some wonderful insights!

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