Please note that this space is no longer being updated, and that all content has been forwarded to ThePeacockWitch.com


I wanted a space where I could talk equally about all aspects of my life. I’m a pagan and witch, I’m a mother, and I’m trying to navigate this crazy thing called life just like everyone else.

Why “the peacock witch”? Well, peacocks have been popping up for me for quite some time. I can remember back to my childhood, on one of my many trips out to Wyoming, and being honored to have found full length peacock feathers. Granted, the family friend whose house I found them at had peacocks on the land – so it wasn’t all that special, though it still felt that way.

Flash forward to more recent years, to my very first PantheaCon, I found an amazing drum. This drum had been handmade by Don from The Different Drum, and hand painted with henna by a brilliant artist. She had been admired by many, though none were called to take her home. I was. This peacock was meant to come home with me.

Ever since that fateful day, peacocks have been popping up at increasing rates. So much so, that I finally broke down to do the research on their symbolism.

Peacock/Peahen’s Gifts Include – all aspects of beauty, wholeness, ability to see into the past, present, and future, immortality, dignity, rising out of ashes, self-confidence, watchfulness, immortality.

– Ina Woolcott

There is much to know of these sacred birds. Much of my spiritual work in this world can be summed up in that one quote. I hope that in the time that I spend in this space that I can begin to reflect that.


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