Reflect, Refresh, Renew

Today marks the dark moon, a perfect time for reflection and observance; it’s also a great time to begin new things. Even more auspicious about today is that it’s a solar eclipse, which in and of itself is potent energy. Mystic Medusa says “Stay with it and on the ‘renewal’ vibe and you will get the visionary vibe of this. Muffle, deny, ignore or shut down and it won’t work.” Even if you don’t follow astrology, this shift happening is clearly palpable.

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Evaluating our Shields

With the Dark Moon upon us, and still considering the new year, now is a good time to evaluate any shielding practices (or lack thereof) we may have. It’s always good to check-in with any personal practices we set up, though with the way life tends to go – I know that I regularly forget to do so. We do what we can, but the change in the Wheel of the Year marks a great time to reflect, and potentially change things up that aren’t working.

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