Pending Ordination

With March around the corner, now is the time when my coven starts to focus on Ordinations. It’s always a joyous time of year, though it’s also the busiest. Between February and March, many of us are lucky to get even 1 day off from having to do a thing. Most of us maintain day jobs, several of us have families, and we all have lots of planning and coordinating around PantheaCon and then Ordination Retreat – not to mention our social lives. So, now that PantheaCon is done and over with, the focus shifts to the next thing.

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PantheaCon, the Aftermath

Settling back into the world post-PantheaCon is a strange and mysterious thing. Every year, new things happen; and every year, I never know how to go forth and spread the happiness that fills my heart. This year was filled with ritual and learning, where in years past it was filled more with lecture and discussion. I’ve experienced so much, and I’m still struggling with the words.

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Growth and Change

When we begin to exist in this world, we are but a speck – unseeable to the naked eye. From there, we grow thousands of times over before we begin to exist as a recognizable person. After birth, we continue on the path of rapid change for years before all of that starts to slow down into the recognizable pattern that happens between “child” and “adult”. Once a person is firmly in the adulthood category, we generally stop paying attention to the shifts that still continue to happen.

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Committing to Self

At the new year, we see masses of people choosing to make some sort of Resolution. Sometimes they choose to take on the one, big, commitment to finally losing those 5lbs that they’ve been trying to get rid of for years. Sometimes they chose something else equally as challenging, or multiple somethings that are bound to get lost track of. Often times, though not always, those plans fail to work. They fail because they are based on societal norms of what people should be. They fail because it’s easier to be trapped in the box of what other people want for us, than to live the life we truly desire to be living. There is a better way.

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